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Rockport-Fulton See You at the Pole

Yesterday was See You at the Pole, a student-organized, student-led prayer meeting at the flag poles of their schools where they worship, acknowledge God's presence, intercede for the lost and hurting on their campuses, and pray for God's kingdom to come in a place that is all too often Godless. At one time there were millions of students around the world gathered at prayer meetings on this day, but I don't know what the popularity is now.

I went to RFHS and joined with about 70 students and another 15 or so adults as the students conducted their prayer service. I was so encouraged and delighted by the students, and so proud of those from our church who led out. At the Jr. High there were another 35 students praying, and I haven't heard how many adults were there as well. Praise God for the desire of our students to not only stand up and be counted for Christ, but to also claim their campuses for Christ.

I wonder how many of us would gladly face ridicule and accusati…

Evacuation Reflections

So we returned to Rockport without trouble and have been trying to get back into the swing of things. I have seen footage and pictures of the Galveston area, and I am startled and humbled. Everyone in Rockport is thankful that the storm turned north and missed us completely. I have heard people joking about the evacuations in Rockport, calling them "hurrications." I have even endured some good natured ribbing about running from the storm from some of those who stayed behind. I wonder if some people were mentally giving themselves high-fives for waiting until the last minute to evacuate and then "winning" their gamble because the storm turned north. I laughed at that too for a while, until I saw the footage of the devastation from Ike, and then all the light-heartedness seemed inappropriate. I suppose "sobering" is the best word. We dodged a terrible bullet here in Rockport. If Ike had come ashore here as they were predicting at first, our house would h…

All Clear in Rockport

We are still in north Texas as I write this. By the time we got here, forecasters had decided that Ike would turn north and miss Rockport, as it did. The city rescinded the mandatory evacuation but kept the voluntary evacuation. That was canceled today and people are encouraged to exercise caution as they return to the coast.

It was hard to know how to pray about the storm. We all prayed that it would turn north and not hit the Rockport area. But praying it north put others in harm's way. Let's continue to pray for all the folks in the Houston area as they pick up the pieces of their lives. I encourage all of you to find ways to help these folks by working through the American Red Cross or Texas Baptist Men.

More than likely we will return on Sunday and the church will be up and running starting Monday.

We are Ike Evacuees

I've met a few evacuees, those folks fleeing from the destruction of hurricanes, following those blue evacuation route signs, looking for a place to find shelter from the storm. Now Kim, Michael and I are those people!

We got everything squared away in Rockport and got out of town this afternoon. We are now at my parent's house and will stay here through the weekend. Thanks to Mike James who helped me get the plywood on the windows at my house. We put out plenty of food, water and kitty litter for Tennyson, who volunteered to go down with the ship. Brave, noble kitty.

I hope this finds all of you folks from Rockport well. The order for mandatory evacuation went out today, and all non-essential personnel are required to leave. So travel safe and may God go before you, beside you and behind you.

Right now the storm seems to be tracking north of us, which means Rockport will not get the worst of it. Still, I will be praying for all of you staying behind and putting yoursel…