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I have a professor who is constantly telling us at this point in our studies we should be leaving behind the fruit of things to get to the root of things. In our studies we need to get to the root. "We are all about the root, gentlemen."

So I have been attempting to get to the root of some things in my walk with the Lord. In studying 1 Samuel we see that the people asked for a king, and one of the reasons they wanted a king was to be like the other nations. Throughout the Old and New Testaments this is a constant battel within God's people -- the desire to be like the rest of the world. Scripture constantly calls us out to be holy because God is holy.

If we are truly God's people, why do we have such a hard time with this? Why this strong pull to be like the unbelieving world? Last night at Prayer Meeting we discussed many possible answers. I shared what I feared was close to the root of the issue for my life, and perhaps the lives of others.

I wonder if the iss…


Kathryn had her one-month check-up this morning and the news was not great. The doctor detected a heart murmur. She said she sees this in about 25% of her patients, and because of Kathryn's good weight and size the murmur must be one of those that closes up on its own or is "functional," meaning she will always have it but it will be of no consequence. The doctor was not concerned, but said if it continues to show up they will send us to a cardiologist.

They also commented on how alert Kathryn is for her age, which is good until she starts driving next week. I can't help but wonder what is next. But I am convinced that God knows what He is doing.


My son, Michael, calls me into his room tonight after he has been asleep for a while. He tells me he is scared. This is a familiar routine. We discuss what has him afraid (nothing, it turns out) and I assure him there is nothing to be afraid of. Noticing the superheroes on his pillow I say, "The Super Friends are here to watch over you." Then remembering that I am also the PASTOR I add, "And Jesus is here too."

Michael looks at me very seriously and says, "The superheroes can't come off of the pillow."

Recognizing the truth and wisdom of the three year old's logic, I ask, "Is Jesus still here?"

Michael nods and says, "Yes."

I tuck him in and he goes to sleep.


Kim has had a difficult time this week and not felt very well. So I have have taken Michael with me the past several mornings to give Kim some down time. Thursday Michael and I bought a new office chair and then he helped me put it together. Friday morning we went to the beach (our usual Friday routine) and we caught the biggest blue crab I have ever seen at Rockport Beach. He was at least four to five inches across. He was also quite crabby -- aggressively crawling out of my net, pinchers reaching for me, spitting on me, calling me foul names, and stealing my Bible -- all in front of my son! Well...he did try to pinch me and then jumped in the water and ran off. I couldn't let that stand so I chased him down and caught him again just to show my son that his father was better than some old blue crab.

Michael allowed me to take him out into the deep water, past the last sand bar where it is up to my shoulders. The waves were not rough and he was able to enjoy it. He does n…

Ok, so I signed up for Facebook

There are many reasons, primarily related to church members and the outrageous amount of communication people do online. Communication that, I have humbly observed, is incredibly personal and alarmingly impresonal at the same time. Perhaps some of the appeal of maintaining a Facebook or MySpace account is getting jazzed by writing all about yourself, your family, your interests, your opinions and posting your photos (said the man who has been doing these things on his own blog for some time now -- oh shut up). But, you know and see only what I want you to know and see about me! So we can interact online all day long and have a great time in a very measured, controlled, and strangely, selfishly impersonal manner. is funny how you sign up for something like that and find all your friends and family who have been there for some time. You kind of feel like the new kid in school. So, I need all of you to become my Facebook friends so it will look like I am popular and cool…