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After almost two months away, I have chosen to resurface. I have been swamped with school work, but hopefully I am to a point where I can breathe again.

Since I last posted many things have happened. We named our baby girl, who is due to make an appearance on June 15. Her name is Kathryn Michelle Jones. In a couple of days Kathryn is having her first photoshoot, via 4-D ultrasound technology (just what is that fourth dimension, anyway?). I'm certain that her close-ups will reveal what I have known all along, that she is indeed a boy. Don't buy pink just yet. I say this not because I want a boy instead of a girl, which is NOT true. I say it because Michael was sooooo sure we were having a girl that...well, I can't stand for him to be right and me wrong. It is the principle of the thing, you see.

Speaking of Michael, he turned three this month and it seems that we celebrated his birthday for weeks. His party with his friends was very fun, and he has seen friends and …