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Michael's 3rd Birthday

Here are a couple of pictures from Michael's birthday party. It was a small, understated affair with some of his friends from church. Thanks to Laura Groseclose for the pictures.

Kathryn Jones Update

So, Michael was right. This is not an April's Fools joke. We are having a girl, and there is no doubt. I say that because the doctor showed me several graphic Four Demensional sonogram pictures of our baby's you know what, and I supose it was that fourth demension that left no doubt. So we are so excited to be planning Kathryn's arrival in June. The doctor said she and Kim and doing very well. We got several pictures from the sonogram. There are several where she is laughing and smiling, but it is hard to tell. Here is one the most clear pictures we have. Kathryn spent most of the sonogram smashing her face against Kim's belly, which was not attractive. I kept expecting her to stick her tongue out. Still, I think she's beautiful.