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Comfort Food pt. 2

Another of my comfort foods is pizza. But not just any pizza. Most pizza is good, although I tend to stay away from cheese pizza or pizza with only vegetables on it. Why not just eat quiche? For me, the more meat the better on pizza.

By far my favorite pizza all my life has been from a place called Mama's Pizza. They have the perfect combination of thin crust, great sauce, real cheese, and fresh toppings. They roll their crust at the edge of the pizza to create what is essentially a bread stick you can dip in ranch dressing. When I was seven years old my family started ordering pizza from the Mama's in Cleburne. That was 30 years ago and I am still and ardent fan. The only Mama's left in north Texas I know of are on Berry St. and Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, and there is one on Parker, I believe, in Plano. I've never seen them anywhere else. At lunch they have all you can eat buffets, and I can put away quite a bit. "Haven't you had enough?"

My second favorite pizza is Chicago-style deep dish from a place called Giardano's. They basically make a pizza pie: thin crust spread over a deep dish pan and then filled to the rim with sauce, cheese and meat. Once slice of their pizza can weigh one pound! It is so good that on a birthday not long ago, Kim had them put one on dry ice and mail it to us from Chicago. Yes, it is that good.

I've had pizza in Manhattan from Ray's or Famous Ray's, I can't remember which one, and it was excellent. I enjoyed folding it over and eating it on the go.

What about you? Do you have a favorite place to get a slice? Is pizza one of your comfort foods?

I'll have more later.


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