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Mystery Man is a Hero in Fulton Harbor

Saturday night there were many from our church gathered at Paws and Taws at Fulton Harbor for a wedding reception. Someone noticed that in the water, maybe 50 or 75 yards offshore, there appeared to be a sunken sailboat. And everyone agreed that there appeared to be dolphins swimming very close to the wreckage in such a way that indicated that they were caught and could not break free. After time someone suggested that it was not dolphins but actually sharks, with black tips on the dorsal fins, that were caught in the wreckage. This made sense because we never saw the dolphins surface for air, which meant they would drown soon if they were, indeed, dolphins. From time to time we could see the dorsal fins break the surface of the water. This went on for about 45 minutes.

Well, no one was in any hurry to walk out there and free the dolphins, or sharks. Eventually we called the sheriff's department, who put us in touch with Texas Parks & Wildlife, who sent out a game warden to assess the situation.

However, before the game warden could arrive, an unidentified hero appeared in the water. He was making his way toward the wreckage and carried something in his hands. I was not close enough to him to get a good picture but this is what I got.

Who was this mystery man? Was it even a man at all? My first thought was that it could be Bigfoot. The way it moved and looked back at the camera reminded me of a picture of Bigfoot.

The idea of it being Bigfoot is ridiculous because everyone knows Bigfoot has never been spotted on the Texas Gulf Coast, nor does he carry a weapon. Besides, I am on the record as not being a Bigfoot believer. But who could it be? I have now concluded that this mystery hero was indeed Aquaman. Note these two artist's rendering of Aquaman and note the similarities with the Mystery Man.

Notice that Aquaman could actually walk in the water on legs, he doesn't have just fins. Also, the mystery man is carrying a weapon of some sort, just like Aquaman. Laugh if you want, but isn't venturing out to save dolphins exactly the kind of thing that Aquaman would do?
Some are saying that the Mystey Man is just one of our church members, but I prefer to think we had a first-hand sighting with a little-respected hero - Aquaman!
By the way, Aquaman rescued a ceiling fan on someone's backporch that ended up in the water as a result of the recent storm. What we thought were dorsal fins breaking the surface of the water was actually the waves breaking over the blades of the fan and turning the fan. Ha! Oh well, sorry Mr. Game Warden, but no, we haven't had too much to drink. We're Baptists!


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